F Yeah D. Gray Man!

(click for full illust) by CiliLion


【手描き】 「 ラビ誕2014 」 Lavi’s B-Day

I’m never going to not laugh at this.

This is a file reprint from Nico Nico Douga. I own nothing.
niconico: sm24208542


          ( The things I still have to do..

                                                              I retrieved Mugen in order to kill..

                                  The Fourteenth.

                                                                   That’s my one inescapable priority. )

                          "It's a deal!"


My cover contribution for my DGM doujin collab with Yukina Yee and Dark. I finally finish!~ I think it will be available for animangaki. Anyway please support us k! ^_^/**